Visiting Sovana Tuscany

We decided to take a drive to a small village in the Tuscan countryside while on our holiday an hour away from where we were staying called Sovana. Me and Alex had been here several times before over the years and found it a nice little place to walk around.

It was a bit windy and chilly as we had had rain the night before and was due some more that same day. Arriving in the village we headed straight for the little local bar for a tea, coffee and a slice of there delcious freshly cooked pizza.

Visiting Sovana Tuscany

Once we were refulled we set off round the village and had a look at the little shops and houses along the long road. Its a strange little village almost frozen in time with its medieval buildings and long street which carries you from the central anicent Church in the main piazza to the ancient cathedral at the end of the long Street.

The cathedral was built in 1000AC before the other Church and is one of the most important Roman monuments in Tuscany. It houses the sarcophagus of San Mamiliano who was the fifth century Bishop of Palermo and also traces of frescoes and various paintings inside.

As we carried on we came across the large old church at the end of the street and we also discovered some village cats and a kitten stalking about and playing. Again like many of the Tuscan villages i have visited cats seem to roam everywhere you go. Although the older cats kept their distance a small grey kitten was more than happy to come and play with us for a little while before we had to move on.

Visiting Sovana Tuscany

We could see olive trees and a maze across the road from that cathedral at the Sovana Hotel and Resort which looked quite fun although no one was venturing inside on such a windy day with the threat of rain looming.

Visiting Sovana Tuscany

On the main Street we found a leather worker who sells hand made handbags, belts, keyrings etc which is nice even to just browse inside and antquie shops to browse in and even a little toy shop.

There is also a few local jewellry shops including the Arte Etrusca which reproduce Etruscan jewelry in 18k gold and semi precious stones with the same old techniques!

It would be quite special i think to have a piece of recreated Etruscan jewelry from the very region all their ruins are based. Something a little magical to call your own from this wonderful part of Italy.

Visiting Sovana Tuscany

Also we found many restaraunts which boasted ‘ Cucina Toscana’ which means they serve tuscan food for you to enjoy if you get hungry. We did stop to look at the menu outside a few and all sounded good especially the homemade lasagna but we didnt stop to eat.

We also found a shop selling Tufo (Tufa) which is the local stone to the area of Tuscany and had been carved into different things including Pendants, benches, statues etc. This local stone has even been used to build many of the buildings in the region.

Heading back up the road it was quite windy but that didn’t stop the many swallows which were darting and swooping from sitting on the telephone wires. I must admit i have never seen so many swallows in one place and it was a pleasure to get my camera out and take photos for my photo blog!

Visiting Sovana Tuscany

Next we stopped at the second old church which was in the main piazza and ventured inside for a few minutes with Peanut in tow. It was quite empty as we wandered about looking at the faded wall paintings before lighting a candle and heading outside again.

We found the Sovana Museo di San Mamiliano right next to the bar we had visited when we first arrived which exhibits many local finds including a hoard of Roman gold coins although you are not allowed to take photos.

Visiting Sovana Tuscany

Then it was time to head home as the wind became quite strong and we knew our luck had run out with holding the rain off and so our adventure was done for the day.

Although we know there are also tombs and ancient Etruscan ruins to wander about just outside the town of Sovana which we didn’t do this trip to Tuscany but will get around to on our next trip.

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